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Pastor Stephan Cilliers

Wife : Samantha

Children: Tahila & Ruben


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Tel: (011) 941-2055       Cell: 079 635 5687



It truly is my privilege and honour to be your pastor here at Mondeor community Church, to be working with the Chief Shepherd of the sheep, as undershepherd. A confirmation from my side that I am excited and anticipating good things in the future, as we journey together in God’s word, and allow Him to have His wonderful way with us, His Own new creation – the church of the Living God, comprised of called-out ones who have been born of His Spirit, and who are His own possession.

To say that my wife, Samantha has been a great source of comfort and encouragement through the time I have been your Pastor, will only be the beginning of a long list of praises! Without her loving input and companionship,  I simply will not survive in the ministry – God made that very clear through words of prophecy we received through the years, and as we started out here. I want to confirm our commitment to this Body of believers – we will stay and serve here as long as our Father keeps us here, it is my pleasure to be of use to you and to His Kingdom work wherever He sees fit to put us to use.

As for the preaching through the word on a verse-by-verse format, I personally have benefited greatly, and I am sure you too, as the Psalmist affirms in  Psalm 119:130 :”The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.” Doing this gives His living Word access into our hearts and elicits response and obedience, God’s heart toward you as His child, is one of a deep unchanging love – He is seeking that we worship Him in spirit AND in truth, and unless we have a balanced approach of how to worship God  acceptably, we will fall off the bus! That is why the series through Colossians is titled: UNDERSTANDING GOD’S GRACE IN ALL IT’S FULLNESS AND TRUTH. Loving, knowing and feasting on all that Jesus is to you and I as His beloved children, will flow out of the centre of our beings, and impact the World for Him. A renewed mind, renews the heart, renews the life. That is why the preaching and teaching of God’s inspired word, will remain the central focus of my ministry to you – our mission is to impact the community for Christ – but only if we have VISION, this mission will materialise. Jesus Christ is that vision - as we sing in that lovely hymn – Be Thou my vision – His Gospel, His Word and Spirit, welcomed, obeyed partaken from and lived by as our source and sustenance. We are a relational body of believers, which means that we are ”bearing one another’s burdens and so fulfilling the law of Christ,” as it is written in Galatians 6:2.

As your pastor I am always available for prayer, counselling, visiting or which ever need you may have – please do not hesitate to contact me, or the leadership.

Undergirding the ministry here at Mondeor, will always be my personal prayer and devotional life, it is wisely affirmed – “as goes the pulpit, so go the pews” which simply means that our lives flow together and I am in the God given position to equip you to do the works of service you are called to do (see Eph.4:11) A favourite author of mine, John Piper, insists that, “God is most glorified, when we are most satisfied IN HIM” which translates into the opening statements of the Westminster Confession of faith that, :”the chief end of man, is to worship God, and to enjoy HIM forever”

My purpose here is to make God’s glorious Gospel, your deepest treasure and enjoyment – that you are so filled with the knowledge of the love, holiness, and attractiveness of our Lord Jesus, that at home, in the office, at play, you will have a deep sense of His presence in every circumstance, that whatever your lot, Jesus teaches you to say: “It is well with my soul!” Our nature, especially the men, tend to compartmentalise our lives – a box for every area of our activities, God wants to renew and challenge our thinking in this area, and make our lives one big ‘Christ-compartment’ where all of our lives are shaped and fitted into Him, this is my hope, that you, be transformed and constantly be renewed and fed the living water and living bread, which is Jesus Himself!